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Emerald and Ruby Snarls by soulofwinter Emerald and Ruby Snarls by soulofwinter
About a month had passed traveling on the back of a benevolent cloud cat, when suddenly the vaporous feline broke out in full downpour, right in the middle of the ocean. I was left to the whims of the beastly waters, jagged waves carrying me into the unknown. Lucky for me, the ocean looked upon me with favor that day, tossing me onto a tiny, densely forested island. Falling asleep to what I thought were chirps and chatter of birds, I awoke to multiple colorful dragon-like creatures surrounding me.

Three whole months passed without a single cumulous cat to catch a ride with- all of them dissolved above this tropical island. This left me with three months of close study of the dragon creatures before a passing boat took me back to shore. As I was settling back down into non-island life, I noticed my things shifting, disappearing, reappearing, and mysterious claw marks. It could be a ghost... or... two of the dragon creatures had snuck onto shore with me! "They're small and innocent enough, right?"

It wasn't long after Snatch and Snarl's first set of newborns that I realized size does not equal how much damage can be done. It's hard to stay angry at these little ones for long. Nevertheless I would suggest adopting one of these creatures only if you're willing to take on the task of caring for an -especially- exotic animal!

And now to meet Snarl, the companion to Snatch. Yes, he does bite. :3 Of course, with proper love and care, he only bites people that are bad news. This was sculpted in Monster Clay, cast in resin, and of course hand painted- all steps of the process are done by me. Snatch and Snarl were a definite challenge for casting, but well worth it. These of course take clear orbs as well.

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Pendant FAQ: [link]
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These are beautiful!! Love the lyrical writing in your introduction as well :D
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Thank you!
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