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Rubeus Ornament by soulofwinter Rubeus Ornament by soulofwinter
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Character Background:
For years, a desert alchemist had given Rubeus & Isra an exchange of teachings for protection. One night, they drive off intruders, but they quickly realize that these are no ordinary thieves. They have their eyes on a particular book which only someone in the know would want. When morning rolls in, the book and the alchemist vanish. Did he find something important which he did not tell the Shisa pair? They strike out to find him, but at every turn their friend's fate looks darker, and the secrets in the book start to unravel a disturbing tale...

Shisa Ornament Info
Each Shisa measures about 2 inches tall and 2 inches wide. From sculpting, to casting, to hand painting, these pendants are all done by my own hand, so you can be sure that much love is poured into each of these unique critters. They're cast in a sturdy resin which is then hand painted in acrylic and pastel. Afterwords, they're sealed in a protective varnish and a ribbon best matching their colors is added for easy hanging, hopefully in a place where they they can be good guardian critters!

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